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Why am I doing this? [May. 1st, 2004|12:34 am]
Part of The Great Wave Of Futurity


I should be in bed. But I'm reading Ansibles written before I was born. From here:
Something Completely Different: a look into fannish etymology. I have written elsewhere about the high history of the fannish term `blog', supposedly invented in the mid-50s in that taped production `The March of Slime'. Blog was a universal panacea like Beachcomber`s Snibbo: `Blog's the stuff for work, Blog's the stuff for play, / Blog's the stuff, when you feel rough, to chase the blues away....'My footnote to fan history is the Beachcomber extract below:

`... His capillaries, set end to end, wouldn't circle the earth more than once.'

`Phugh! That's dreadful, Sir Harry. Poor blighter! Is there no hope?'

`Oh yes, Sir George; BLOGGO. A year ago my capillaries, set end to end, would barely have reached China. Today they would circle the earth three times....'

(from Captain Foulenough and Company, 1944)